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Digital enterprises live on trusted data. Effective data governance is therefore critical to the success of the enterprise—both in terms of optimized business decision-making and essential compliance safeguards. But how do you create and implement the processes and policies necessary to ensure quality data? And how do you balance the need to “democratize” data so everyone can get the most value out of it while maintaining diligent centralized controls and standards?

View this insight-packed webinar to hear leading experts in the field discuss:

  • Understanding the technology and politics of quality data
  • Ensuring data compliance with governance policies
  • Keeping pace with non-stop change in your data resource portfolio
  • Improving data governance with four simple actions you can take today
Featured Presenters:
  • Michael Stege, Data Governance Director, Allstate
  • Raju Srinavasan, Senior Director, Cognizant
  • Harald Smith, Director Product Management,Trillium Software
  • Woodson Savage, Enterprise Data Strategy & Products, Cox Automotive