Data Governance: Three Steps to Get Started…Or Back on Track

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Complimentary Web Seminar, Available On-Demand, Brought to you by Information Management

Join this session with Trillium Software as we discuss three critical steps for establishing clearly defined, sustainable data governance processes across your organization. We will provide examples of challenges that organizations have faced and how they were able to overcome them and improve core business activities, including customer retention/acquisition, risk management and compliance.

  • Start small…with “big” support – identify business objectives, secure executive sponsorship and begin with small scale projects to serve as building blocks for broader initiatives
  • Collaborate…then keep collaborating – utilize self service tools and common terminology to enhance business/IT communication, evangelize successes and understand root causes of problems
  • Quantify business value quickly…and continuously – link measurement criteria to business objectives and establish ongoing processes for sharing results and continuous improvement
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